11 August 2017

A dreary week

A very quiet week.................

It's surprisingly cool (I'm not complaining). The tailend of a typhoon 'hit' south Hokkaido, the whole week has been very dark and grey.

A few days ago we were up at Oshamanbe. The first waders of the season were around, a flock of  7 Grey-tailed Tattlers ( see the not very good photo above).

Not much else. There were 3 species of egret, these generally don't occur in summer and are more 'autumn' birds....................only crappy heavily cropped record shots.

1 Little Egret.........

And 7 or 8 Great Egret with 1 Intermediate Egret (I think, the smaller one at the back anyway).

Other stuff around included Kingfisher, Osprey, Japanese Green Pigeon, Eastern Marsh Harrier and Peregrine.


  1. Many more migrants will be coming in soon, so stay positive.....

  2. Better than nothing ! A few hints of autumn to come, maybe.

    1. Well the footy season started this weekend so autumn can't be far off.


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