16 August 2015

A long hot drive

A long hot drive around SW Hokkaido looking for passage waders on the west coast revealed.................1 Pacific Golden Plover. And 1 Little Ringed Plover/2 Common Sandpiper (which are summer breeders).

This hot tired looking Peregrine was near Kaminokuni and was the only decent photo of the day. Lots of distant Ospreys, a few flocks of Japanese Green Pigeon here and there, some Pacific Swifts hawking over the capes  but not much else around............


  1. The shorebirds may have disappointed but I suspect that a Peregrine Falcon wasn't bad compensation, and yiu sure got a great picture.

  2. If only our UK Peregrines would play ball like that.They are still persecuted in the hills.

    Great portrait Stu.

    1. Hi Phil, yes I don't think I've ever seen one at rest in the UK, always whizzing overhead and gone in a milisecond.


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