10 April 2015

Early spring Parklife

I took a short walk in Goryokaku Park this afternoon.................

Dusky Thrush were the commonest species. the above one seemed very sparky but this one looked very sick or very tired. Or both.

Another Osprey flew above the river for the third cobsecutive day, it can't be the same one I think. A female Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker was in the park too. The first Black Faced Bunting of the spring was in the few remaining bushes by the river and 3 Barn Swallows were skimming the moat in the park. Not much else except for a few Hawfinches...........


  1. Never seen that Thrush before but good shots of the Hawfinch

    1. Hi Margaret, they are the default common winter thrush in Japan, a bit like Redwings or Fieldfares in the UK.

  2. I do love the breast markings of so many of the thrushes.


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