30 November 2014

Where is winter?

Stellers Sea Eagles at Yakumo..............

Note the lack of snow.

It was very mild today. LOTS of salmon this year for the eagles to feast on.

Lots of eagle action but not a vintage day for photos. I learned the 2X teleconverter should be used only sparingly...................and not handheld.

The lack of snow made approaching the eagles easier but they were still skittish.

I saw several Crested Kingfisher today and also 2 Solitary Snipe but couldn't get a shot of either species. Lots of Glaucous Gulls around now. There were loads of them at the end of the day at Kamiiso (eating salmon carcasses on the beach) but it was too dark even for photos of white birds. There was also 1 Thayers Gull too. Here's a Glaucous from earlier in the day at Yakumo.

Not much around Hakodate. Several Great Egret on the river, Daurian Redstart, Peregrine, Coot, Dusky Thrush, Varied Tit......................


  1. It seems odd to see the Steller's perched without some snow around ! Still, at least they're present.

    1. There seem to be the usual number this year, possibly slightly more than last year and including some first year birds: hopefully it means they had a good breeding season..............

  2. Great that there's plenty of salmon for the eagles. I went out yesterday and was sweating walking around. NO eagles here but saw a wealth of accipiters young and mature. I think winter will be here tomorrow. Nice shots by the way...looking like a good start for the season with the Mark ii and 500mm.

    1. Tahnks Russell, today is raining hard but is the mildest December day I can recall for a long time. The snow and cold will hit tomorrow apparently.............


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