7 October 2013

In Limbo

A Kingfisher at Yakumo this morning.

I'm in limbo, waiting for my new lens to come. I was thinking how much better these shots would have been.

Slightly pathetic I know.

But 700mm at f5.6 would mean a lot less cropping, or 500mm at f4 would mean a lower ISO. I have to use my 100-400L at f8 to get acceptable images most of the time.

Let's hope they stick around then.

There were loads of skuas offshore, no doubt blown in on the strong easterly wind. Most of them were Pomarine Skua (I think, any comments appreciated re the ID). Here are a few to give you an idea, still too far for a decent shot with my current lerns (c'mon Kojima and Canon, hurry up, hurry up!).

I think there may have been some Arctic and Long tailed Skuas among them but I am terrible at skua ID. Is this one an Arctic?

I put some (even worse) photos on birdforum for help with ID.

Lots of other stuff on the move. In Onuma this morning there were thrushes, buntings and Japanese Grosbeaks aplenty. A Greenshank was a surprise (I don't see many waders there).

 At Yakumo there were the first swnas of the winter, 5 Bewicks Swan. Here are 4 of them...............

There were also Scaup, Wigeon and Black Necked Grebe. And growing numbers of Black Legged Kittiwake both at Yakumo and Sawara.

Other stuff around included Japanese Green Pigeon, Peregrine, Osprey and Great Egret.

Rather quiet in Hakodate. This young Goshawk was in Ono yesterday.

Not much passing through except large numbers of Skylark.

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  1. Plenty of birds around, then... and I'm looking forward to you taking on the photo challenges of Hakodate and beyond with the new lens !

  2. HI That first shot of the Kingfisher is stunning as are all the flight shots.

  3. You're lucky to have so many good subjects about regardless of lens. I reckon the kingy shots are excellent. Very quiet in Niigata at the moment and rather hot. You'll have your new lens when the eagles come. Hang in there.

  4. Hi Stuart!
    Well, I think your Kingfisher shots are fabulous.

  5. Last KF is a lovely shot. A lot of your stuff over the years has been what I would call "pro standard" so I really think the new kit will take it to the next level - and by that I mean you will get shots which will satisfy your standards if that makes any sense?
    Last Skua is juv Arctic - you can see the little central tail projections which the juv Pom lacks.

    1. Thanks for that nice comment Stuart.

      I did pretty well wirth skuas the last couple of weeks, what chance of a South Polar next weekend to complete the North Pacific set?

  6. Really nice shots of the kingfisher. I'd really love to see a goshawk perching like that too!

    1. Hi Ayuwat, it flew off as soon as I got close, that pic is a heavy crop.

  7. They all look pretty good to me Stu. We have no chance when that 500 finally arrives.

    1. Well it arrived a couple of days ago but I haven't had chance to use it yet.


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