26 October 2013

Well it came

And here it is.


  1. Another good news! I'll wait to see more beautiful photos from this lens.

  2. Wow!! A very big congratulations, Stu. It looks beautiful. A big lens for big eagles!!! Go get 'em!

  3. Sod that - I'm nearly sick with jealousy! Mind you, it wouldn't fit my Nikon anyway.
    Looking forward to the results.

  4. I have no financial interest in the company but I'd recommend getting a "LensCoat" http://lenscoat.com (I've got them on my long lenses)

    OR something similar, to protect it from "dings". Any camo colour and a hoodie, too. Looking forward to the results, with or without the cover !

  5. Thanks for all the comments, I'm just about to take it out for the first time (so I hope there are some burds about!).

    John-I've already ordered the lenscoat..............

  6. Hi Stuart Looks impressive, now you will have to come up with the goods!!


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