30 July 2013

The slowest week of the slowest month

The worst month for birding in south Hokkaido is generally July. Actually the start of the month is often OK but by the end there really isn't much going on plus in the last week of July it starts to get pretty hot and humid. Ospreys and Green Pigeons, as I've said before, are the only birding staples at this time of year so today we headed over to Shikabe to see the latter.

The skies were leaden and the dirty pebble beach was covered in rotting stinking seaweed and loads of insects.

The pigeons put in a couple of appearances but were very skittish due to 2 hunting Peregrines in the area.

Only BIFs.

Not much else around except flocks of Pacific Swift high overhead. Very quiet locally too. Goosander and Common Sandpiper at Kamiiso a couple of days ago, that's about it.

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  1. That's what I love about Hokkaido birding - birds which are familiar with some utter exotics thrown in like those pigeons! Great BIFs.

    1. Hi Stuart, yes they are more exotic than Woodpigeons that's for sure............

  2. BIF shots of flocks of Green Pigeons make an improvement on the ones I've seen, singles usually half-hidden by foliage..

    Aussies doing better at the cricket.... will Manchester weather save England ?

  3. Like the BiFs. The colours are fantastic. Also nice to see them in different angles...Must check the cricket now.


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