10 July 2013

Only Ospreys

At this time of year there generally isn't much to see or do birdwise. Ospreys or Green Pigeons. That's about it.........

Here are some Ospreys in Yakumo and Oshanambe last weekend................

I think some of them may have been juveniles (but it seems a bit eaerly for them to be flying around) as some were useless at catching fish whilst others did it every time.

I couldn't get any action shots.................

Thr usual stuff was at Shizukari but the Eastern Marsh Harriers hunt over a much wider space than the river based Ospreys and I couldn't get close. Most species were still singing but by next weekend they will have stopped....................

The humid weather has started, I don't like summer much here. At least the Ashes start today. I watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon..............the first time I had watched a Wimbledon final since Boris Becker won it as a 17 year old just after I finished my O levels. I didn't even know players could challenge line calls these days...........................
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  1. Great in-flight photos of the Ospreys.

  2. Lovely shots of the Osprey in flight!

  3. Really nice shots of the Osprey!
    I always try but I don't get such good photos as you!
    Greetings Pia

  4. Great osprey flight shots. I it's too hot and muggy here to go birding. I've tried all day to find a way of watching the ashes. They don't want my money. Any advice most welcome.

  5. It must be brilliant to go out knowing you will see osprey in the plural. You know how scarce they are here. Super shots Stu. A bit of a cheat really but the kingfisher shot is from Egypt where they seem unafraid of humans. I took the picture from approx 30ft if I recall. Ospreys nest on the ground sand islands there I'm told.

  6. Appreciate your "clean" shots, Stu so that we can really see the osprey's form and markings.

  7. Nice to see Ospreys in a blue sky.

    Day 4 of the first test has just started and Ian Bell is on 99. What a game so far...

    1. Day 5 has started and as Australia edge towards their target it's too tense for me to follow so I'm at the other PC playing freecell hoping mu absence will result in some Australian wickets.

  8. Really great shots Stu, love them all.


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