7 August 2013

Still slow

A young Osprey at Yakumo a couple of days ago.

Not much around. A Peregrine disturbing the gulls, a lone tired looking Sooty Shearwater offshore, a couple of piping calls lost in the wind that may or may not have been waders.....................that is all.

Hot and humid outside, not many birds, not much motivation to do anything. Summer? Meh.

Manchester summer weather secured the Ashes at least.

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  1. Not a great way to win though! How hot do you get in the summer there?

    1. Well a win is a win, as an England fan after all those years of Ashes misery I'm not complaining.

      It gets up to the low 30s in the hottest part of summer (ie around now), not as hot as summer in Melbourne perhaps but it's the humidity that's the killer on days like today................

  2. Nice osprey shot. You're lucky to have close encounters with them. I'm just waiting for the migration season. Australia should have had the first test but it'll work out in the end> Another ashes series set for the aussie summer starting in November. Soon they'll have ashes tests every day.

  3. The rain gods were kind in Manchester! Nice looking osprey.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Wonderful capture of the Osprey. Looks like he is hanging in mid-air!

  5. Thanks for all the comments................


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