19 April 2013

Some crappy shots of some interesting migrants..................

Well we had a fairly eventful day. Sleet and an earhquake this morning and some interesting migrants this afternoon.

In Goryokaku Park there were several Dusky Thrush (above), Hawfinch and Swallow but no more bluetails.

On the river there were lots of birds passing through. My first Asian House Martin, Chestnut Eared Bunting and Siberian Stonechat of the year. Several Daurian Redstart, Coal and Varied Tit, a female Red Flanked Bluetail and yet another Osprey. A Woodcock flushed by crows was a surprise. This is the first photo of this species I've ever posted.

A male Pale Thrush. A crap photo and it isn't even  rare but like I say this is its first appearance on this blog.

Here's another even crapper photo.

A Hoopoe near my flat, the second one I've seen locally now and my 4th in south Hokkaido. It was very skittish and the above heavily cropped record shot was all I could manage....................

So some interesting things appearing. I hope it isn't f***ing sleeting again on Sunday/Monday (my days off).
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  1. Oh Stuart!! The sleet and an earthquake is enough to make anyone irritable. I feel the same when I can't get outdoors.Yesterday was a sunny day here, but I got an even worse photo of my first Stonechat, and an even worse photo of a Siskin!!! It happens to me even in good weather. Cheer up!:)

  2. Returned to say I forgot to mention how much I like the Dusky Thrush photo:)

  3. Thanks for the comments...............I envy you: you have a higher chance of sunshine where you are than here in temperate east Asia!

  4. I dont find those crappy... Anyway the Dusky Thrush is a very nice bird and your shot of it is pretty ;)

  5. Wow! You're getting heaps of birds and some good shots. Just rain on the weekends here or buckets of humans when it isn't.

    1. "Just rain on the weekends here or buckets of humans when it isn't"

      You summed up Japan in a sentence.


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