25 April 2013

Green on green.

I had a spare hour this afternoon so i took a short walk down the river to see if any migrants were passing through. Red Flanked Bluetail, Daurian Redstart, Coal Tit, Black Faced Bunting and Japanese Thrush were all around as well as various unidentified stuff only momentarily glimpsed.

Most of the trees along the river have been felled the last few years but the remaining trees are turning green and there were small groups of Goldcrest and Japanese White-eye feeding in the emerging foliage.

The goldcrests were as tricky as ever..............

The Whuite-eyes are slightly bigger and slightly less active but they too were a tad tricky...............

It has been a busy week workwise. Last Sunday was very quiet at Onuma, not many migrants there yet but lots of woodpeckers. All4 of the regular species were around, here's a Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker.

So we're approaching the best birding period of the year...............from the end of April to about the third week in May. My workload has increased dramatically recently (a good thing as being poor  is never nice) which means my birding time may be restricted to short jaunts like today................

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  1. Absolutely stunning captures Stuart.The colours and artistic way you have framed each photo is something I have to work on.The Japonese White-eye is such a pretty little yellow bird, almost cartoonish!!

  2. Wow these are STUNNING shots of the Goldcrest!


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