4 April 2013

Bewicks Swan

A Bewicks Swan in Kamiiso today. This is somewhat scarce in Hokkaido and I usually only see them flying over. They were part of a flock of 10 tired looking swans obviously taking a break oneir northward migration.

There were 8 Bewicks and 2 Whoopers. Here are the 2 species together with the Whooper in the foreground.

Bewicks is a species I don't really have any photos of................

Not much else around. The common ducks of course, Great Crested Grebe, a couple of flyover Osprey and 5 Great Egret. There were 6 species of gull including this raggedy looking young Glaucous Gull.

The Black Tailed Gulls are a very common species which I usually don't bother photographing but it has to be said they are a very attractive gull...........

There were lots of Black Headed and Common Gulls too. This individual looked a little odd, I think it's a Common Gull but it looks rather dark and I've never noticed that eye/gape colour before.

Not much in town this last week. I walked to Cape Tachimachi on Monday and saw Brent Goose (just 1) and Glaucous Winged Gull on the way. Red Necked Grebe, a few common ducks and a lone Rhinoceros Auklet were bobbing around ofshore. In the forest there were Treecreeper, Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Varied and Long Tailed Tits, Jay and Bullfinch but it was too dark for any photos. Just as I left the forest I saw my first Bullheaded Shrike of the year.

Nearer home has been extremely quiet. Grey Wagtail on the river, a couple of Pochard in Goryokaku Park. That's about it except for this high in the sky Osprey which was a flyover bird in the same park.............

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  1. Now you do have pictures of Bewick ;-) and they are really cool pictures. i love that black tailed gull... it might seem common to you as you said but it is beautiful!

  2. Bewick's has become pretty rare here - dipped on one last week! Great to get a shot with Whooper in it for comparison. had a quick look around and managed to find pics on the net of Common Gull with an iris as pale as your bird.

    1. Thanks Stuart, it did look odd mind you.........

  3. That shot of the Bewick and the Whooper is so good beacuse it really does show the different proportions of both species. A great Glauc shot too.

  4. Really nice photos of both swans. I haven't seen the Bewick's Swan yet.

    1. You surprise me, I thought they were commoner down your way........


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