8 April 2013

Crappy April weather

A Dusky Thrush near my flat this afternoon.

Not much to report except the weather the last couple of days has been just awful. Wet and windy, the rivers are full with rain and snowmelt.

I did see tmy first Mandarin Duck of the year yesterday at Onuma. Lots of common stuff about but it was too dark for any photographs. The tame Nuthatches had to endure my flash.

I saw the first Swallows of the year and a flock of 20 or so Crossbill in the sky over Ono as well as a couple of unidentified grey geese heading north.

Just this lone Dusky Thrush in Hakodate though..............

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  1. Hi Stuart:)
    Have been catching up again afer my Easter break.
    Hope you had a Happy Easter! Sorry about the poor
    weather you are having, it's just the same here in Portugal, and there is little opportunity to take photos. You did very well to capture the
    Dusky Thrush, and the Nuthatch.Lovely shots!!

  2. Mmmmmm.........Dusky Thrush. I've dreamt of nice Eastern thrushes. I know it's common for you, but spare a thought.....

    1. Bear in mind this is the ONLY thrush species here outside of the breeding season...............

  3. I'm surprised there are so few Dusky Thrushes this spring, probably even fewer than Pale Thrushes. Don't know what happened....

    1. I nticed that too, hardly any compared to most years..............actually 2013 has been a lousy year for passerines so far in south Hokkaido. Of interesting species there have been only Bullfinch and Japanese Waxwing in any numbers and they were both only around for a short time.

  4. This crappy April waether seems to be everywhere and today is just about warming up for the first time. Wish we had those duskys here.


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