12 February 2013

Snowy again.......................

There was a big dump of snow yesterday and through last might meaning yet another slow weekend's birding.

I had a long walk today around town looking for something interesting, waxwings perhaps or maybe crossbills but there were none of either species. There were still  lots of Goosander on the river and a Peregrine resting atop one of the communications towers but not much else except this small flock of Long Tailed Tits.

Very difficult to photograph: small and very active and even when they sit still there is usually a branch in the way.

Yesterday was a write off, between the blizzards we managed to feed the tame tits and nuthatches at Onuma.

On the way back home in Ono we saw a White Tailed Eagle and a flock of 20 or so Bullfinch but the driving snow made photos impossible.

Glad I didn't get up to watch the Liverpool v West Brom game.

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  1. The tits and nuthatch in the snow look great..... a bit late for your Christmas cards, though.

  2. The long-tailed Tits are so cute and you got some great shots. I've still never seen a nuthatch so I'm envious.

    1. Hi Russell, I had no idea Nuthatches were rare down your way, they are very common up here.

  3. Big dump of snow here today Stu, nearly an inch of the stuff! No chance of any birding couldn't see the sea from the tram for blizzard white-out conditions



  4. The northern race of Long-tailed Tit is as cute as ever!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos of the cutest, most adorable long-tailed Tit. An extreemly difficult bird to photograph, they never come to the feeders,in my garden and hide as you say in amonst the branches. You did well to get these!

  6. Great close-ups + top job of getting good shots on snow. Your LT Tits are a lot cuter than ours!


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