1 February 2013

Different birds in a different harbour

I spent a couple of hours in Irifune this afternoon. It was a mild but dark grey day................the slush and melting snow was a real pain to walk on.

Brent Geese are the specialty in this place.............there was a flock of 30 or so pretty tame ones. Most of these photos are uncropped.

My group shots didn't come out too well so all today's pics are of ones or twos.

This was my first visit to the Brents this year................it's good to have such a photogenic species on my doorstep and ther'll be plenty of photo opps in late winter and early spring.

Other birds included several Black Necked and Slavonian Grebes, Harlequin Duck and Scaup. On the river near my flat this week there were 3 Great Egret and lots of Goosander but no more flocks of waxwings in the last 3 or so weeks................hopefully they'll arrive soon.

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  1. They look like they expect you to toss them some bread ! Still, great birds...

  2. I think they would prefer I toss them some seaweed to eat.............well this IS Japan and when in Rome..........

  3. I wonder why they are so unafraid in Japan? Don't they get shot and/or do people feed them?

  4. Hi Phil, no they don't get shot at but then again people certainly don't feed them. In Hakodate they feed in working fishing ports, I guess there are always people around doing fishing realated stuff who just ignore them the same as they would the gulls or crows. I suppose they're just used to people. The only Brents I saw in the UK were a flock in East Anglia that were extremely wary.

  5. They are a cool looking goose. I can't get that close to other goose species around Niigata. Nice pair shots.

    1. Hi Russell, they certainly appear much tamer than the big grey geese flocks further south................


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