10 February 2013

A quiet end to a quiet fortnight

A Stellers Sea Eagle at Yakumo this afternoon.

It's been a very quiet last couple of weeks with very little bird action. The weather was lousy which didn't help much plus I was stuck in town most of the time. 4 Bullfinch, a flyover Great Egret (seen from my balcony this morning) and half a dozen or so Goosander have been the only birds of note near my flat.

Today started off well, an adult White Tailed Eagle being mobbed by a Peregrine was a nice spot from a speeding car and there were eagles sitting in many trees on the way to Yakumo. At Yakumo itself there were still quite a lot of eagles but these too seemed content just to sit in trees not doing much at all. Most were too far off for any photos and the falling snow meant BIF shots were out of the question.

This adult was fairly close however and it wasn't snowing either..................

If the weather is nasty next Sunday today may well be my last view of the Yakumo eagles until next winter..............

We spent a couple of hours up at Oshamanbe waiting for the 4 Long Tailed Ducks in the middle of the harbour to swim closer. They didn't.

There were quite a few of Black Scoter here again, why are these so common this winter? Loads of them everywhere...........

So the title race is over. I wonder if Liverpool can catch Man City then?

I watched the first part of The Hobbit trilogy last week. Not as bad as I've been led to believe.
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  1. It has been a pretty frustrating start to 2013 here too. Quietest for birds in a number of years and limited photographic opportunities due to weather and illness.
    The Black Scoter is really nice - and very rare here indeed!

    1. Hi Stuart, loads here like I say. I prefer these to Common Scoter, the ornage bill makes them interesting to look at and ohotograph........

  2. Great close portraits of both species. I can't seem to get within 100 metres of any subject this winter.

    1. Hi Russell, yes I saw your eagle atop the pylon.........it raised a smile. The Scoters here are usually bobbing around in the waves out at sea but this year there seem to be a lot more in the harbours than usual.

  3. The Black Scoters are so handsome, they almost distracted me from the Sea Eagles..... but not quite.


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