19 November 2012

Winter Returnees

A Brent Goose in Hakodate today, they must have arrived in the last week or so. There were about 20 of them in the usual spot as well as half a dozen Harlequin Duck. The ducks were too far away for photographs and the geese a little wary (by spring they will be very tame).

Other winter stuff on the sea included Wigeon, a lone Slavonian Grebe and these 4 Black Necked Grebes.

Great Egret, Nuthatch and Varied Tit were the only other species of note. Yesterday saw us at Onuma and Kamiiso. There were more Black Necked Grebes at Onuma as well as a female Smew and several Goldeneye but the forest was very quiet...................not even any tame Nuthatches.

It is a little cold now, yesterday saw the first snow flurries of the winter in town.....................

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  1. Really smart. Are those Brents the nigricans form (I think they call it Black Brant here)?
    One BN Grebe here would be good!

  2. Very nice those Brent, great shot you got ;)

  3. I agree with the others, the Brent Geese are splendid. I'm a fan of Black-necked Grebe, too - very rare this far south..


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