23 November 2012


There were lots of eagles at close quarters up at Yakumo today but there was one problem. There was a blizzard up in the hills where the eagles gather..................thick wet sleety snow and it made photography almost impossible. A shame, there must have been 50 or so eagles of both species all bunched up on the same small stretch of river which is still accessible at this time of year as there is little snow on the ground.

The snow wasn't sticking, hopefully I can go back in a couple of days with blue skies. Not much else around at Yakumo, some flocks of Hawfinches and a flock of 30 or so Asian Rosy Finch on the coast.

At Onuma the common stuff was around including Smew and Black Woodpecker. It was too dark for any decent photos here too (but no snow). Here is a tame Nuthatch and some kind of marten/weasel/polecat.

I gave up with my big camera, this was taken with my smartphone.

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  1. Stunning quality from your smartphone! And that weasel is totally extremely cute!

  2. Q: What's the difference between a stoat and a weasel ?

    A: A weasel is weasily recognised, but a stoat is stoatally different !

    Nice "smartphone scenic" !

  3. Thanks for the comments......

    John, I'm sure I posted that joke on another blog a year or two ago, maybe even on yours I forget............if you didn't see it then I apologise and we can agree great minds think alike...............

  4. Too bad about the Blizzard Stu, but don't send it this way. Cute little critter - (not you).

  5. I don't envy your weather, (although the long weekend has been rained out in Niigata, so shopping with the wife here) but I envy your variety of subjects. Super weasel photograph and no doubt you will share a feast of big eagles with blue backgrounds just hours away.


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