4 November 2012

More signs of winter..............

A Black Legged Kittiwake shaking itself dry at Yakumo this afternoon. There were 8 species of gull at the mouth of the river and they included 50 or so Kittiwake...........................and unfortunately they all appeared to have black legs.

We were in Yakumo to check if any eagles had arrived. There were small numbers of salmon spawning and the Yurappu Valley was aflame with autumn colors (what a cliche that is but I don't know how else to describe it) and we found the grand total of ONE adult White Tailed Eagle (and that was too far away for a photo). The only raptor apart from the abundant Black Kite was this Common Buzzard.

We did see a Crested Kingfisher, I managed to get this record shot as it flew at great speed over my head...........................

This is one bird I hope to finally get a decent photograph of this winter.

There were some interesting birds at the mouth of the river too. Goshawk, the first Goldeneye of the winter and another species I hope to get a good photo of this winter. This was the best I could manage today. 2 Snow Bunting. It looked like they had literally just arrived (they came in off the sea). They flew over my head and landed on the beach, stayed 10 seconds and then disappeared to the opposite side of the river.

When I walked back to the car I disturbed another 2 buntings....................I snapped a record shot and when I reviewed the image back in the car I was surprised to find it was a male and female Pine Bunting.

Back at Onuma there weren't many birds in the forest but the lake was looking very autumnal..............

I watched The Hunger Games a couple of days ago. Very silly.
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  1. A couple of stunners there Stuart- the Buzzard (are they all that pale over there?) and the kingfisher - look forward to more pics of that one. Leaf shots are prety clever too.

  2. Your beaches look much nicer than Musselburgh! Nice Kittiwakes and Buzzard.

  3. Thanks for the comments......

    Phil-yes the Buzzards here are generally very pale.....

    Stuart-hmmm, I just got a lucky clean patch with that shot I think. I'd say the beach nastiness index between our local areas would be pretty much neck and neck........

  4. More Crested Kingfishers, please !

  5. So many nice birds in this post. I love the kittiwake and the buzzard.


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