11 November 2012

Some more signs of winter

The tame flock of tits and Nuthatches were around at Onuma, shame it was so dark I had to use a flash. The feeding log has rotted away over the summer but the birds returned to the same place and devoured the sunflower seeds we left out for them. The flock of Whooper Swans in one quiet corner of the lake is growing and there is snow on distant mountain tops....................winter is coming.

Up at Yakumo I searched for the Snow Buntings from last week but couldn't find them, I did see a couple of small birds bolting off that may have been Pine Bunting but they could have been pretty much any small passerine. There were Whooper Swans here as well as Great Egret, lots of ducks, Great Crested Grebe, Goshawk and Crested Kingfisher. 8 species of gull were present including a few Kittiwake hanging on from last week.

And quite a few Glaucous Gull too................

Upstream we looked for eagles.....................and found about 10-15 of them. Mainly White Tailed but there were 3 adult Stellers. All of them were way too far off for a decent photograph. Here is a photo just to show you I'm not making the eagles up.

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  1. Hi:)These are all fabulous shots.I would have been delighted if I had taken the Steller shots, they look great in the bare branches of the trees.

  2. Stu,

    WE know you're not making the eagles up !

  3. I would love to see these nice eagles of yours ;-) Here the winter is here too, but for storms, we are going from one to another.. Good thing is that it brings rare bird and I saw a yellow-rumped warbler yesterday, a tick!!! We also got a massive invasion of waxwing....
    I wonder if your glaucous are the same as ours!

  4. Still can"t get over how white your Nuthatches are! Love the Glaucous Gull - or Sea Vulture?!

  5. Great shots Stu. That glaucous looks like it had been up to no good, the expression made me laugh - "Who Me"?

  6. Thanks for all the comments..........

    I think the Glaucous Gull was pecking at a salmon carcass.............


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