6 November 2012

A big bird with a small fish

I took a short walk on the small river near my apartment yesterday and there were 3 Great Egrets. 2 were rather shy but one individual was very active.

Those fish it was catching look absolutely tiny....................they must taste good to a Great Egret I suppose.

4 species of tit and the usual common stuff was around.................but the egrets were the main attraction.

I hear this species in breeding in the UK now and has been seen regularly in the northwest of England................what an exotic bird this would have been to see back in the 1980's.

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  1. Really great series of shots. Really like 1,5, and 6. 5 looks like some sort of mad egret angel!

  2. such a beautiful bird. I love how you captured the subtleties of shading in all that gorgeous whiteness. Those little fish must be like popcorn to the egret.

  3. Great photographs. They are actually quite graceful with lots of nice gymnastic poses aren't they? Nice camera work to pick up the details of the splashes and the tiny fish.

  4. Graceful Great Egret shots !
    I can see the attraction of small fish, it's when they try to swallow really big ones I'm shocked.


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