4 September 2012

Yet another tame wader

A Bar Tailed Godwit at Oshamanbe on Sunday afternoon. It wasn't as tame as the Great Knot below but it's a much bigger bird.........

Again, not much cropping going on as it was easy to get close...........one of the advantages of the fact the beaches are very narrow here and there are no tidal mudflats to speak of either.

Having said that the Spoonbilled Sandpiper near Sapporo was on the only decent sized areas  of mudflat in Hokkaido.

Not much ese around. At Yakumo there was 1 Greenshank, 1 Black Tailed Godwit, 1 Terek Sandpiper and several Common Sandpiper, Great Egret, Osprey and Kingfisher.

It was a bit windy and I was surprised to see a dark shearwater just offshore at Oshamanbe, I guess it was a Sooty Shearwater. The only other waders were the inevitable Red Necked Stints.

I've only seen common species this wader season but that's OK, waders are one of my favourite groups of birds ever since I saw my first local flock on the Ribble at Penwortham thirty years ago.

I went to Kamiiso yesterday. Still hot and humid but at least there was a breeze............

Not many birds though. Not a single Osprey and only 3 species of wader on the section of beach I checked.....

And they were almost all Red Necked Stint, 40 or so of them scattered along the beach.

Several Common Sandpiper and these 2 very wary Terek Sandpiper completed the meagre wader count........

So it's still around 30 and humid outside..........c'mon autumn, hurry up.

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  1. Wow that first shot of the godwit is a masterpiece. How I miss waders in Japan....

  2. Same as before Stu. How come the godwits there behave like that and over here we can't get within 100yards of a Bar-tail? Full marks for your shots - just stunning.

  3. Very nice wader photographs. I'm kind of wary about attempting to find waders because when I do they're just too far away. I'd change my mind if I could get to view them like this.

  4. "Tame Waders" - great to see. The Stint shots in the sunshine are lovely to see, too

  5. The "in the water" RN Stint is a beautiful shot.
    Curlew Sand reported locally this a.m. so hopefully some nice wader opportunities will be coming my way soon.
    Pink-footed Geese have already started arriving - bleeding winter already!


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