27 September 2012

Autumn..........at last

An immature Night Heron on the river near my apartment this morning. There were 3 altogether including 1 adult.

Actually there were probably more but as you can see they skulk and there is still a lot of vegetation for them to hide in. These were the first Night Herons I'd seen in town this year.........

There have been a few migrants passing through. Arctic Warbler,  Siberian Stonechat, Asian Brown Flycatcher, Blue and White Flycatcher, Hawfinch, Marsh Tit, the first Teal of the autumn, Grey Wagtail, Grey Heron, Kingfisher etc.........

The wader season has fizzled out, 2012 was not a vintage one. At Kamiiso last week there were only a few Red Necked Stint. Common Tern was a good offshore find but they were to far off for a decent shot. The first Wigeon and Vega Gull of the season made their appearances.......

Last Sunday was spent in Yakumo. Lots of ducks here too, many species including Shoveler and Gadwall. Not much else though, the only wader was a lone Greenshank and at Oshamanbe there were only a handful of Stints.

It has cooled down at last. Thank god.

The Liverpool loss to Man Utd was frustrating.............but at least Shelvey redeemed himself by swearing at Ferguson.

I just watched the entire first 2 seasons of Game Of Thrones in about 5 days.............

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  1. Nice night herons. I'm still waiting for Autumn. Today was hot but I think migration is in the air.

  2. 2 nice shot. I love those immature night heron!

  3. Smart. Hypnotising eyes!
    Only ever seen one in the wild - an imm. at Loch Leven which I assumed was from the colony at Edinburgh zoo.
    Changed my tune when it transpired it was not of the American race like the zoo ones.
    (There are apparently 2 elderly survivors from the zoo colony still kicking about - see Morgithology blog).

  4. Thanks for the comments..........

    Stuart-I only ever saw one in the UK- 25 years ago in the middle of my A levels. A lot of water under the bridge since then...........

  5. I reckon those juvs must be very hard to find skulking in such vegetation. Nice picture Stu.


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