15 September 2012

Return of the return of the heat. Again.

Well it got hot again. I thought after all that rain at the start of the week the hot weather would be over for 2012 but no..............

I headed to Kamiiso yesterday. The Stilt was nowhere to be seen, the only waders were 1 Grey Tailed Tattler, 1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Terek Sandpiper and the grand total of 3 Red Necked Stint.

The light was very good and I could get close to one of the Stints.........

It just stood around............not doing much at all.

It did move once, Just the once.

So 2012.........the heaviest snow in my 13 years here and probably the hottest summer too.

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  1. Hi Stuart
    Lovely sharp captures! It was probably too hot to move around much in the high temperature. In the fifth shot he's ready for a kip.:)

  2. Hmm just got back to Japan again this morning and I had to put my jacket back into the luggage. It's warm and raining here in Kyushu. Thought it'd be cooler than this. Anyway, great shots of the stint as usual!

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Welcome back Ayuwat..........


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