3 September 2012

A different pair

We took a quick look on the beach ar Nanaehama yesterday morning. It was overcast and a little breezy: the tail end of a typhoon and the whole day was a lot more more bearable than the last few weeks.

There were 2 Great Knot on the same part of the beach as 10 or so days ago, a different pair I think, one of them had a slightly deformed bill.

They were extremely tame and just jogged down the beach feeding in the surf.

These photos are not cropped (or only very slightly).

As you can see it was a little dark.........

Not much else around except lots of Red Necked Stints here and at Kamiiso. A Spoon Billed Sandpiper was near Sapporo yesterday, I'll head over to Kamiiso this afternoon..........it's about 1 day south as the small wader flies, you never know eh?

Liverpool looked utterly toothless last night............and Gerard looks just about ready to call it a day I think. Sad but maybe true.
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  1. Some nice shots. I have e friend in oz who really wants to tick a spoonbilled Sandpiper. Are they very rare here? The colours of the sky here are looking like Autumn. Still really hot but storms are coming. Must be getting cooler up there? The eagles must be twitching their tail feathers.

  2. Hi Russell, no it is still really hot alas.

    The Spoon Billed Sandpiper is critically endangered and is very very rare indeed.

  3. Really great shots of the knots, Stu!
    Never got a chance to photograph them nicely. Waders in Japan are probably easiest to photograph.

  4. Hi Stuart
    You've got some great shots of the Great Knot sea birds, and even more
    as I scrolled down.Some spectacular photos of the Osprey too.

  5. Great Great Knots! Uncropped? Thats what I call close.
    The WWT have been breeding SB Sand at Slimbridge - the first chicks to hatch made the national media.
    Over 20 degrees C at Musselburgh today - got sunburnt (you can rarely say that in September up here).

  6. Hi Stuart. I read about the Slimbridge thing............hey maybe they'll escape and breed in the wild like the Ruddy Ducks did. In 50 years time they'll be calling for a cull as they drive out native wader species........

  7. Wonderful close-ups Stu. You know how wild the Knot are here in the UK.

  8. Great to see Great Knot "up close and personal" like this...

    Things not looking brill for Liverpool this season.


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