13 September 2012


3 or 4 days of non stop heavy rain meant little chance for birding in the last week. It was hot and sunny yesterday but the rain must have damaged the railway because my train was cancelled, I had to wait an hour for one that was only going a few stops down the line.

In Kamiiso there were the usual Red Necked Stints, a lone Terek Sandpiper and several Common Sandpiper.

And a Black Winged Stilt. This is fairly scarce in Hokkaido, I have seen this species up here before: in 2005 and 2006 I saw several individuals both springs. This was the first for a while and in autumn too.

The top shot was backlit and the only chance I had to get close............these 2 were in better light but much further away and heavily cropped.

A nice find, what a great looking bird.........

Nearer home some migrants have appeared along the river. Hawfinch, Siberian Stonechat and Asian Brown Flycatcher as well as several unidentified things (thrushes, buntings) flitting around hidden in the undergrowth. No Night Herons anywhere.................I guess the tree felling last winter has meant not enough places for them to nest anymore.

I got up to watch the second half of the Ukraine game. Hmmmmmm...........not so good. A point gained or 2 points lost?

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  1. "Stilt and surf bubbles" it might be a big crop but it's a nice composition.

  2. That was obviously a good find then Stu. Your second picture really emphasises what incredibly long legs this species has. By the way the pinkies seem to arrive earlier each year with in last few years about 12/13 September but never in the numbers of recent days.

  3. Thanks for the comments.........

    Yes the legs are unbelievably long........


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