17 May 2012

A short walk on the beach

I had a spare afternoon so we checked out the ricefields to see if a) they had been flooded yet and b) if there were any waders there yet. The answers were yes but only a little and no none at all. So I checked out the beach at Kamiiso. There were 2 Whimbrel and half a dozen or so Grey Tailed Tattler.

The Whimbrel were a bit jumpy but I could get closer when they were preening.

One Whimbrel had a normal bill but the other seemed slightly misshapen (it couldn't close it). You can see the comparison between the 2 birds here.

It was nice light late in the afternoon...........

The Tattlers were also pretty jumpy, this was the best shot I could muster.

In the car park next to the beach there was 1 Little Ringed Plover.

Not much else around, a couple of Ospreys flew over carrying wriggling fish. In Hakodate the last few days there hasn't been much, still lots of Asian Brown Flycatchers passing through but nothing else of interest. I spent an hour this morning watching a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers driving off the Red Cheeked Starlings which were trying to pinch their nesthole.........

So Kenny Daglish got sacked, I'm past caring. And I was consumed with apathy when the England squad was announced..................thank the lord Test Match Special is on for the first time this summer...............

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  1. ditto Stu - screw football, long live TMS

  2. Love the preening Whimbrels. Thank goodness our lot never qualify for anything sportswise.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Mark-I'm listening to Day 2 as I type.

    Stuart-I guess your 'lot' is Scotland? I can remember when I started watching football in the 70's Scotland went to 2 World Cups whilst England stayed at home playing with their sideburns and bubble perms.

  4. TMS ? - always a treat.

    I recall at one world cup final (no "British" teams involved, of course) David Coleman and co. spent the half-time interval discussing the performance of the English referee !

  5. Really nice photos of the Whimbrels! They look much nicer on sandy beach than on the rocks.


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