10 May 2012

A flycatcher and a moth

A male Narcissus Flycatcher tackling a big moth in Goryokakau Park yesterday.

I was back working from Tuesday and of course as soon I was busy the weather improved............I had a quick look on the river on Tuesday and noticed the Oriental Reed Warblers had returned, 2 males were singing intermittently and swooping around the few remaining trees and bushes. They were probably saying "where the f**k have all the trees gone?"

Yesterday I had a quick look in Goryokaku Park, the cherry blossoms a were open and the park was packed with baying packs of Japanese and Chinese tourists. I found a (relatively) quiet corner of the park and found several interesting birds............3 or 4 Asian Brown Flycatcher, 2 or more Eastern Crowned Warbler, Coal Tit, Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker and this male Narcissus Flycatcher.

It was difficult to pin down but eventually it caught a big moth and stayed still long enough to get some fairly close shots.

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  1. Great pics of the flycatcher and his feast. Monday was fine here too when I's back at work. I haven't seen any kind of flycatcher this year and miss them.

  2. I love everything about your photos.They are not only sharp images but very beautiful to look at because of the colour and composition.

    This Flycatcher is exquisite.Poor
    moth, ah well!!!

  3. Gorgeous little bird and nice bit of behaviour. I notice you get Mugimaki as well (no accepted UK records) and Brown (mega - handful of records UK).
    There was a Mugimaki in Yorkshire many years ago but it was deemed to be an escape.
    The big furore here just now concerns the possible Atlas Flycatcher at Flamborough which is being DNA tested (or at least a feather is) just now.
    Anyway, looking forward to some more smart Eastern Palearctic stunners from you - no pressure!

  4. Thanks for the comments......

    Russell, lots of flycatchers up here if you ever want to come up........

    Breathtaking, yes the poor moth met its nemesis.......

    Stuart, I saw that on yours and other blogs..........DNA testing! When will that become mandatory for all mega rarities to be accepted!?! Also...........who would keep as active a bird as a flycatcher as a pet?!?!


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