14 May 2012

Er, more Narcissus Flycatchers

A Narcissus Flycatcher at Onuma yesterday morning. This is the 4th consecutive posting with this species.............apologies for the repetition.

This individual was very tame..............these pics are barely cropped at all.

There were lots of birds in the forest but nothing else was posing for the camera. I heard a Siberian Blue Robin but couldn't see it, other stuff included several species of thrush including Eye Browed, Asian Brown and Blue and White Flycatchers, Eastern Crowned Warbler, Russet Sparrow, Black Crowned Night Heron, Japanese White-eye, Oriental Cuckoo, the usual common tits, nuthatches and woodpeckers, Mandarin Duck and lots of this species...........

A Japanese Grosbeak. A lousy heavily cropped pic but actually it's the first time i've posted a photo of this bird. Very hard to photograph in fact (they are very shy and rarely seem to leave the treetops when I'm around) and despite being pretty common in summer they had eluded my camera up to this point.

We had a frustrating day yesterday after Onuma. We headed up to Yakumo but the traffic was so heavy (!) we turned around and went to Asabu where there was nothing around at all so we headed to Kikonai only to find the road was closed due to a landslide............this resulted in a long drive back the way we had come as it was the only road in the mountains.

We managed a quick look at the ricefields in Ono-1 Wood Sandpiper and a briefly seen fly over falcon (Merlin I think though it could have been a Hobby I suppose). The day before there were lots of Grey Tailed Tattler and 2 Red Necked Stint. Today there were still lots of Tattlers and the Pacific Golden Plovers were still around but in the middle of a large muddy field.

The ricefields should be flooded next week, hopefully we'll get some decent waders coming through........

I watched the climax of the Premier League last night. I fell asleep at half time when Man City were 1-0 up. I'd been up since before 5am and had drunk several beers before kick off (11pm here in Japan). I woke up to find there were only 10 minutes left and QPR were winning 2-1 (plus I had missed the Joey Barton meltdown). Thank god I woke up before the end...............

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  1. Beautiful shots of the flycatcher. Don't apologise for these. Not a bird to be bored of.

  2. Splendid photos of this beautiful
    Flycatcher.I would love to see more
    of the same!!

  3. Thanks for the comments, I definitely got lucky with this species during the last week.........

  4. This flycacther is such a nice bird! Those image are wonderfull Stu ;)

  5. It's not often you get a 2nd, let alone 3rd, chance to get the shots you want.
    Each set was better than the last - gorgeous bird, beautifully shot!

  6. Yes, let's forget about the season entirely! Love that Fly Catcher Stu. Not sure I'd get bored of looking at that!

  7. Superb flycatcher shots Stu. No repetition for me since I was away for the earlier ones and I'm going back now to catch up with those.

  8. How could anyone be tired of such an avian gem,post more of 'em!


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