22 May 2012

Fox Cubs #2

We went to Onuma to check the fox cubs and they were much more co-operative today.............

There seemed to be 3 of them..............they spent their time play fighting........

One was much bigger than the others and had first go at a huge fish the mother dumped in the undergrowth for them, too dark for a pic of that..........

They did frolic around in the open at least......

The usual birds were around, no photos though..........I also got my first mosquito bites of the season. Only 6 or so weeks ago everything was buried under snow and now the mozzies are back.

Nothing at all on the ricefields.................I was really hoping to get some freshwater waders in summer plumage this spring, I may only get one more chance later this week. There were half a dozen very skittish Whimbrel on the beach at Kamiiso, this was the only shot I could get.

Still a few ducks around: Wigeon, Gadwall and Scaup. This male Stonechat was in someone's garden near the beach.

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  1. You should of put a "cutness" alert...those foxes are so nice 4th and 5th images are so cute!

  2. It's true. Maybe you could have some schmaltzy music playing in the background. Fantastic photos though!

  3. Thanks for the comments.........yes even a grumpy old bastard like me would have to admit they are cute...............

  4. Wow! Very, very cool. Isn't it cool what can be found in the wild. Your photos are great. I'm not one to go gooey over cutness......maybe

  5. wow, superb shots of my favourite animal.

  6. I envy your fox cubs soooo much!
    I have tried hard, but couldn't take decent shots, the grass was so high!
    Truly well done Stuart!
    All the others pics are tp notch too!

  7. Wonderful series of photos as usual. The baby foxes are just cute!

  8. What a treat,Stu,can't thank you enough for showing those adorable little ones!

  9. Even a miserable bugger like me smiled at the cheeky cubs - and they are not even birds!
    Nice to see a male Eastern Stonechat - really pale with orange restricted to the breast.
    I just ticked one from over 20 years ago now that the BOU have accepted the split (sad but true).

  10. Outstanding photos of the fox cubs,
    they are adorable!!I don't know how you do it,as they are so difficult to get close to.All your other shots are great ofcourse.

  11. Wow these fox pictures are so gorgeous Stu. So beautiful to see. You got them very well. Love the stonechat pics also!! Things are getting crazy a bit over here... Full speed!

  12. Can't get enough of those fox cubs Stu - very, very classy images.


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