27 April 2012


We spent a long day in Onuma today, it was the first warm day of the year. Not many summer visitors yet but they are arriving every day, Eastern Crowned Warbler and Russet Sparrow made their first appearances of 2012 and there were lots of Japanese Thrush singing. All the common stuff was around including this female Black Woodpecker.

I really wanted to get photos of 2 species this spring: Mandarin Duck and Japanese Grosbeak. They are both so wary I may have to rethink my strategy, I even looked online at portable blinds.............maybe next year.

The tame Nuthtaches stalked me through the forest begging for food, they practically mugged me. At least I could get some different poses in different locations.

In Kamiiso this morning I saw the first Red Cheeked Starlings of the year as well as the first Wryneck, not much else around though. The last week in Hakodate was pretty quiet although yesterday a flock of Bewicks Swan was wheeling over the neighbourhood on their way north.

The felling of the trees last winter along the river means not many places for migrants to rest, all I could find this week were lots of Japanese Bush Warbler. A small copse remains in a private Go-Karting track and there were 2 Red Flanked Bluetails there, very hard to get a photo of (plus I looked like a pedophile shooting over the fence with my biggish white lens). This female was the best I could manage.

A big holiday week starts tomorrow, I have a few days day off coming up from Sunday so hopefully the migrants will continue arriving.

I didn't watch the Barcelona/Chelsea game but I'll probably get up to watch the Manc derby...................I haven't even thought about Euro 2012, I can't remember being so indifferent about an international tournament before...................so maybe England will surprise me.

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  1. Great shots of the nuthatch! Also nice to see a Black Woodpecker with brown fringes again.

    I'd really recommend you purchase a blind. It helps a lot for photography. The only bad thing about it is that you might lose the habit of walking around birding.

  2. "Mugged" by nuthatches.... sounds okay to me ! Nice shots, love the Black Woodpecker..

    Euro 2012 - mmmmm no, I doubt that England will surprise us.

  3. Absolutely lovely photos of the Nuthatches,such cute characters!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Ayuwat-yes the females always seem to have brown fringes..............I'm still not sure about the blind, it'd need to be ultra portable......


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