13 November 2011

Winter just round the corner

One of the tame Nuthatches at Onuma, when they come close looking for food you know winter is coming soon...........

We started off the day in Yakumo. The eagles have arrived since we last visited 2 weeks ago. There were about 25 or so, about 60-70% of them seemed to be White Tailed Eagles with the rest being Stellers Sea Eagles, hopefully lots more will arrive presently.

I rarely get good shots of them until the winter really kicks in. These were the best I could manage today..........

Also upstream were Goldeneye, Great Egret, Brown Dipper, Japanese Wagtail, Goosander, Buzzard and lots ands lots of Jay, these were everywhere today.......

At the river mouth were 7 species of Gull, Goshawk, lots of wildfowl including 30 or so Whooper Swan and a flock of Dunlin. I tried to get some duck BIF shots, here's a pair of Wigeon.....

We stopped at Onuma to feed the Nuthatches. 4 species of Woodpecker were around including Grey Headed and Black. In the forest there were flocks of Brambling and Dusky Thrush on the move. Other stuff here included Whooper Swan and huge flocks of Mallard...............the first snow is forecast in a couple of days, winter will come soon I think..........

I got a new 32 inch TV and an ipod touch a couple of days ago. The TV was only slightly more expensive (about ¥7000 difference). WTF?!?!

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  1. A fantastic set of images and i'm very jealous of the Eagle sightings in such numbers!

  2. Ohh, so exciting to see the eagles. Lucky you being there. The nuthatch and, is that, a jay (in flight?)...are great shots too. I haven't been birding here for a few weeks> Bronchitis and wet weekends. Enjoy your new toys!

  3. Thanks for the comments.......

    Russell: the new TV will come Friday, the old one was too heavy for me to move, I have to pay the delivery oyajis to take it away!

  4. Yet another nice serie! I really love the first shot, lots of details ;)

  5. Wow great shot of the jay in flight!
    Eagles with autumn background also look really nice too. Even more interesting than in winter setting, I think...

  6. Hi. Is the Nuthatch the same as UK? Really pale underparts. Really smart birds - still a bit of a novelty here in Scotland but they are expanding northwards all the time.
    Jay a lot rustier about the head than here - would love to see Lidth's.
    Anyway, looking forward to your next series.

  7. Hi PBW, yes it's the same species as back in the UK, as is the Jay. They are both the Hokkaido subspecies.

    When I went back to Lancashire last christmas I was amazed to see how common Nuthatches had become, within 1km walk of my parents' house there were 3 or 4 pairs.................they only seemed to have arrived in the last 4 or 5 years.

  8. Great BIF Wigeons Stu and can't be easy to get if your Wigeon are as wild as ours. Good to see you spending some dough - better in colour isn't it?


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