23 November 2011

Footprints in the snow........

A Red Fox at Onuma, this morning, as you can see we had our first real snow of the winter.

The weather improved and we headed up to Yakumo. There were more eagles around than our last visit and there were some in the river eating salmon, in exactly the same place as 2 years ago today.

It was impossible to get a clear shot, the best I could manage were some not so great BIFs.

I got my first Stellers Sea Eagle shots of the winter.......

Here's a typical view of one high up in the trees next to the icy road......

Whilst I was waiting in vain for some more eagles to fly over my wife gave me a shout, she'd found some tracks in the field next to the road......these are 2 of her photos.

It was from a Brown Bear and the tracks looked pretty fresh too, it must have walked across the field ealier in the morning. I noticed lots of crows quarreling over various blood stains on the snow next to the river, could a bear have caught and skinned some salmon? The eagles tend to scavenge mangy old rotten salmon carcasses, not living ones..........

Also around upstream were Japanese Wagtail, Pochard, Goosander, Goldeneye, Brown Dipper, Varied Tit, White Backed and Grey Headed Woodpecker, Common Buzzard and lots of Jay.

At the river mouth were the usual common gulls and wildfowl, Dunlin, Whooper Swan etc. There were several Black Legged Kittiwake in amongst the commoner Gull species.....

We got back to Hakodate just as it was getting dark, there was a big flock of Rooks (with a few Daurian Jackdaw) in the snowy ricefields in Ono.......

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  1. Well I never knew there were still bears in Japan - probably never knew they had any to start with - excellent stuff...now all we need is for them to be reintroduced here...not a snowballs chance in hell methinks :(


  2. Wow it's already snowing that much in Hakodate! Great shots of the red fox as usual. It looks so tame. Did you have to be in a car or something? The kittiwake is also a nice species I want to see.

  3. Hi Davo-yes there are still bears here, a smaller variation of the Grizzly in fact..........

    Hi Ayuwat, actually I got out of the car. Foxes are very tame in Onuma. It was begging for food I suspect.............all I had were some of my fave chocolate cookies and no way in hell was the fox gettings its paws on those.........

  4. Beautiful photos as always Stu. Love the Fox yawning.

  5. Brilliant and beautiful photographs of the fox Stu. The snow is a great feature of the series.

  6. Superb Kitti shot Stu. I envy those Fox photos but not the snow - you can keep that. Didn't know you brown bears so close - are they dangerous to birders?

  7. Beautiful! Is the light always that good!? I love the footprint shot - conjures up a story in one pic.

  8. Thanks for the comments...........

    Phil-they can and do kill folk every year, usually in the spring.

    PBW-the light is better than NW England for sure.........usually.

  9. Man, those bear tracks sent tingles up my spine. Those eagle flight shots are better than mine from my trip to Hokkaido and the fox is just stunning in the snow. It is so cold and dull today in Niigata. Maybe snow would brighten the place up.


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