12 November 2011

Another quiet November week......

A male Blue Rock Thrush at Irifune yesterday. Another very quiet week in Hakodate..........the 2 Brent Geese were still there (but in the middle of the marina) and there was only 1 Harlequin Duck (which was too far away for a photo).

Shame the light was right behind the thrush.........

The egrets were still around most of the week although yesterday there only seemed to be one Great Egret left..........and that flew off straight away too.

In Goryokaku Park a couple of days ago there were a few birds on the moat, 2 Scaup (there was also one of these on the river too), 1 Tufted Duck, 3 Wigeon, 1 Little Grebe, 3 Coot and this male Pochard.

Not much else around town (although I haven't been looking terribly hard).

I'll go to Yakumo tomorrow, hopefully I'll have some eagle pictures to post soon...........

My ancient now broken analogue TV will be replaced next week, hopefully my ancient (non HD) satellite tuner will work with the new one. Good job there's no footy on this weekend. Unless you count England getting spanked by Spain tonight. Luckily that's on too late for me to watch and endure..........

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  1. Yeah the Rock Thrush is fantastic. Hope you're getting a nice big HD TV. I tried to comment on your blog from another pc the other day but it wouldn't let me use my google id. Nice cormorant shots then, would like to see one.

  2. Nice Blue Rock Thrush Stu. I'll get some in Menorca next year. Those Japanese digital televisions should be cheap and plentiful in Japan like they are here.

  3. Yet again you tease me with excellent shots of GWE Stu. This week I'm deffo gonna get down to Warton and add a tiny white dot in the dingy grey distance to my (UK/BI) life list...and not before time!
    Totally double jealous of your WTE & Stellar's SE too!!!


  4. Thanks for the comments...........

    Davo-don't worry they'll be as common as Little Egrets soon..........

    Phil-yup couldn't believe how cheap it was, only slightly more than the ipod touch I bought at the same time!


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