27 November 2011

On this day (November 27th)..........

November 27th 2009.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

A Red Breasted Flycatcher in the bushes alongside the river near my apartment. Or is it a Taiga Flycatcher? These recently split species look very similar, at least to me. One reader of this blog suggested it was the former and long time after the event I put an ID request on birdforum and the general consensus seemed to be that it was indeed a Red Breasted.

A pretty crappy heavily cropped and noisy photo it's true but I was glad to at least get a record shot of what is either a scarce or extremely scarce bird in Hokkaido.........whichever one it is!

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  1. Nice atmospheric photograph. The noise gives it motion and the bird's pose is perfect. -Just with a nice glint in the eye too.

  2. Thanks Russell, actually it's a very heavy crop from a very underexposed original RAW file, it doesn't look so bad when we view it low-res on a monitor at least............


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