20 August 2011

Long Billed Dowitcher

A Long Biled Dowitcher and Great Knot on the beach at Kamiiso yesterday. The Dowitcher was a lifer.........

The wader season on the local beaches has begun, the Dowitcher had company.

From left to right: Long Biled Dowitcher, Ruff, Grey Tailed Tattler and Great Knot. There was also another Great Knot on another section of the beach, a couple of Red Necked Stint and a Common Sandpiper.

Amazingly this was the 3rd occasion I've seen Great Knot on this beach and it has been the same date (August 19th) every time...............

Ruff are reasonably regular but never numerous..........

It was nice to get shots of different species together..........

I even took a short jerky handheld video........

Not much else around, no Ospreys or Night Heron. There were a few Goosander and a lone Sand Martin. Not much in town last week either, the first southbound Stonechat on Thursday, that's all............

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  1. Could cope with that selection over here Stu - great pics and how bright is that dowitcher!


  2. Nice my friend. So far, only the common visitors such as Grey-tailed Tattler and Lesser Sand Plover seen at my local beach ...

  3. Excellent post Stu and yes it is nice to see a picture of these two species with a low angle ;-) The dowitcher paid us a visit in July, that was the first ever seen in Iceland but I was then in France ;-)

  4. Wow that's THE wader I've always been looking for! Really nice shots here!

  5. Thanks for all the comments, it was a nice trio of birds to find that's for sure...........

  6. A great wader selection Stu - if only! just dreaming.

  7. Great serie, very nice image. The first one is pretty cool. Love the video to ;)


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