26 August 2011

Knots landing

I took a long walk down the beach at Kamiiso today and got another local tick (that takes me up to 209 now).

Can you spot the odd one out?

A Red Knot (the smaller one on the left) with 2 Great Knot. The latter is a fairly common east Asian species but the former is somewhat scarcer over here, it's only the 2nd one I've seen in Hokkaido and the first time in Hakodate.

You can clearly see the different jizz and structure.

These photos were taken in the harsh midday sun.

You can see the last remnants of sumer plumage in the Red Knot, well you can if you look really hard.

At this time of year the plumages do look very similar. The Great Knot doesn't have the same scaly pattern on its back though.

Here's a short jerky handheld video of the Knots plus some Red Necked Stints from a couple of days ago.

Not too much else around, 30 or so very skittish Red Necked Stint, a lone Osprey, Black Headed Gull, Grey Heron.............

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  1. Nice work. I wouldn't at first pick the obvious differences but your beautiful photography really sets them out. I'm amazed that you can get so close to such waders.

  2. Hi Russell, actually they were really tame...............


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