20 May 2011

Ospreys on a grey day

I went to Kamiiso today hoping to see some waders on the beach and rivers. There were lots of Grey Tailed Tattlers but not much else, a couple of Common Sandpiper and 1 Little Ringed Plover only. This hunting Osprey provided me with something to watch, I saw it catch 2 fish. 2 out of 2 attempts, after watching the young ones fluff their lines every time last summer I have to say the adults really know what they're doing.

Shame about the weather, a grey drizzly humid kind of day.

I tried to get some shots of it diving but couldn't keep it in focus, the AF locked backed on as it emerged to be mobbed by this Black tailed Gull.

Not much else around. Lots of immature Black Headed Gulls (2 weeks ago it had been adults, the youngsters must migrate later I guess), a few Goosander, Chestnut Eared Bunting...............not a vintage day in Kamiiso.

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  1. Just nice to see those Ospreys whatever the weather. We managed one in Menorca on a fine sunny day but too distant for a shot.

  2. Ouah dull day but nice encounter and pictures. I still need to add this guy to my list!

  3. Wonderful action shots. The first one is a classic.

  4. Nice captures. Osprey is rare here, so it is a good bird to find. We are up for a tough test in England.

  5. Hi Galllcissa, I predict a 1-0 win to England, you have a strong batting line up but your bowling looks a bit light..........


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