19 May 2011

The Wrong one

Yesterday morning I got up bright and early. The White Winged Crossbills had apparently stuck around, Osamu had seen them last weekend and had taken a very nice photo too.

When I got there it was warm and beautifully sunny. There were 2 or more very vocal Wrynecks around, a couple of Oriental Honey Buzzard high overhead, Grey Wagtail and Sand Martin also heading north but no Crossbills. Eventually I heard some calling but when I located them they had no white on their wings, they were just 3 Common Crossbills (as you can see from the picture above). The White Wingeds must have finally gone. Oh well.

There were 4 or 5 Japanese Waxwing high up in the trees, this is the latest I've seen any Waxwing species in Hakodate.

It's been rather warm the last couple of days, Osamu got some nice overshoot waders a couple of days ago. I hope they are still around this weekend when I can get over to Ono.............

Not much around near my apartment. Quite a few Asian Brown Flycatchers and some more Blue and White Flycatchers, here's a female in Goryokaku Park a few days ago.

Oh and Red Cheeked Starlings of course........

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  1. Red-cheeked Starlings....(they call 'em Chestnut-cheeked here) are just rare passage birds here in HK. Nice pics.

  2. Great shots, the Red Cheeked Starlings is such a beauty!


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