27 May 2011

Flying fishers

I got up early this morning to try and photograph the Ospreys in Kamiiso. I arrived at the port at about 7.30am, after about an hour I was feeling thirsty and went to the nearest vending machine to get a cold drink, the Osprey chose that exact moment to arrive. I missed it diving (again) but got these shots (very similar to shots on several earlier days it has to be said).

Never mind I thought, I have 5 or 6 hours to wait and it'll be sure to come back several times.

It didn't.

The weather improved, sunshine and blue skies but no more Ospreys. I had to dash to a toilet and nipped over to a convenience store to buy some lunch so I suppose I could have missed it. 

I hung around, not many birds about. A Kingfisher flew very close but too fast for a photo, a couple of Goosander, 3 Tufted Duck, Oriental Reed Warbler, Grey Heron, Black Faced Bunting, Temincks Cormorant, there were still a few Grey Tailed Tattlers and Common Sandpiper too, I also heard a distant Greenshank.

There were lots of Gulls, they were catching fish too.

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  1. Great action shots. Must be a feast of fish in those waters.

  2. I think birds can tell when the camera comes into focus too, because 1/10 of a second before that happens, they dive out of sight !!!

  3. Nice timing for the first shot!
    Hope you will get lucky with a diving shot next time.

  4. Wow, the osprey images arre very nice. Good luck on getting a diving shot!


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