30 November 2009

A day with some eagles

Another Sunday at Yakumo with the Stellers Sea and White Tailed Eagles................

One advantage of the very mild weather this November is that it is possible to walk across fields down to the river at Yakumo and get closer to the eagles. usually it's knee or hip high in snow but this weekend there was absolutely no snow whatsoever.

There were a lot of eagles today, even in this shot I can count about 40.

There were several Crested Kingfisher around too and on the way we saw some large crow flocks which included Rook and Daurian Jackdaw. The day belonged to the eagles however...........

Almost all the shots are in the sky. Here is one adult White Tailed Eagle perched, it is strange not to have a white icy background..........

An all white background has the advantage of faster shutter speeds, a lot of my BIF shots today suffered in the autumnal hues.

I have found January to be the best time for eagle shots. The bad weather means they sit in the trees more and hunger drives them down to the river to feed. In November they just fly around a lot high in the sky..........some fairly heavy cropping going on with most of these shots.

I naturally tend to go for the above adult Stellers but not always. Here is an immature White Tailed.

And here is an immature Stellers. Note the big yellow bill............

As the light began to fade the eagles were in their roosting positions. Like I said these are usually in fairly inaccessible spots due to the deep snow but this time I could at least get closer. In the fading light the pics weren't so great though.......

So Liverpool are on the road to recovery, hell they will probably even catch Arsenal and finish 3rd.

I watched 'Zombieland' which was great for 20 or so minutes but fizzled out very quickly and is nowhere near as funny as 'Shaun of the Dead'.



  1. This is just getting crazy... Wow man, you are getting me envious!! So many gorgeous shots of beautiful eagles!!! This is awesome... I'll give anything to see a sea eagle like that... I've been chasing him around here, but no chance at a picture yet!!!
    To answer your question, I do think that puffin is better than these half-domesticated-wild rabbit, although I did not taste these rabbits yet ;-)

  2. Woww So many eagles!
    Photographing them should be so much fun
    I especially like the flight shot with the autumn background
    It really makes the photos look different!

  3. Wow great shots !!

    Stu your Documentation is wonderful!

  4. It must have been an amazing experience. great shots.

  5. Some really wonderful photographs. Top work.


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