7 December 2008

Some unvaried pictures

We went over to Onuma this afternoon and it was pretty wintry, the lake was showing the first signs of freezing over and there were several inches of snow in the forest. Whooper Swans, White Tailed Eagles, Yellow Throated Bunting and Siskin were the most noteworthy species but it was the tame Varied tits that provided 90% of the photos on my memory card.

Not much birding in Hakodate the last few days, sleet and rain kept me indoors most of the time.

The other resident species were around too of course.

In attempt to avoid being too repetitive here are some of the other birds around today, wish they were as tame as Varied Tits. Not great shots these I have to admit. A Grey Heron, Common Buzzard and Long Tailed Tit.

I'm looking forward to the wife finishing her job later in the month as we can hopefully get up to Yakumo and get some eagle shots. Only 2 weeks to go. Next Sunday no doubt we'll be in Onuma again by which time I'll expect the lake to be looking a lot more icy than this.

Shall I watch Everton v Villa tonight? Dunno, there were a lot of 0-0 games last weekend. Mind you I have nothing else to do.

Maybe some exciting incidents like these might happen and make it worth staying up for.

Or back in the 1970s when men were real men.

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  1. Everytime you say you saw 'just' a few birds I think of the 'real' few I get to see. Yesterday was the exception that I hope becomes the rule soon.
    Great pictures!

    Btw, about Facebook comment, I mean it. I'm familiar with loss, I trully feel sorry for yours.


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