10 September 2008

More Stints

A beautiful September day in south Hokkaido saw us head up to Yakumo for the first time in ages. I was hoping for some more wader shots but the only waders (10 or so Greenshank and a lone Whimbrel) were way too shy for any photos. Lots of common stuff flitting around in the still-long grass, Reed Bunting, lots and lots of Stonechat and Black Browed Reed Warblers mainly. Also around were Hawfinch, the first Teal of the autumn, 30 or so Grey Heron, Osprey, Goosander and large groups of Swallows and Oriental Greenfinch getting ready to head south...........

On the way home lots of Japanese Green Pigeon were flying down from the wooded cliffs to the beach to drink saltwater, unfortunately on that stretch of road there is nowhere to park and anyway it would be suicidal to stand on the side of the road with trucks belting past on one side and a drop doen to the rocks on the other.

No tame waders at Yakumo today so here are some more shots of the Red Necked Stint a couple of days ago. The beach at Kamiso isn't the cleanest beach in the world.

I think this was the same individual from last week. We checked the beach at Kamiso today but there were no waders at all, looks like it headed south.

Why are Stints so fearless and Greenshanks so timid?

The only bird photos from Yakumo worth keeping were these so-so ones of a distant Kingfisher.

Lots of Asian Brown Flycatcher passing through Hakodate this week. The Glaucous Gull was still around and looked dramatic against a blue sky.

No classic 1970's puppets today but here's a happy memory from 2004, the last time I remember watching England play well. Hope they get a result tonight but I'm not expecting too much. I looked at some of the UK newspaper website and football365, wow what a sea of negativity.

Still, you never know.


  1. I enjoyed (saved) some yoru Red-necked Stint shotss. It is under reported here as in the winter drab they are very similar to Littl Stints. How would you tell them apart in the field?

  2. Hi gallicissa, I'm sure it's the other way round and Little Stints get overlooked here in Japan too........

    I'm no expert but as far as I know Red Neckeds have longer bodies and shorter legs but otherwise from photos they seem very similar.

    Red Necked is the common 'default' small wader in east Asia, Little Stint is a rare visitor (I've only seen them in the UK).

  3. Thanks for this clarification, Stu.
    I think you are right - the longer profile is a helpful in the field.

    There are some new wader hotspots, that have become available in the North - so I will be checking them for my first Red-necked Stint.


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