1 February 2008

A bird in the hand

One of several Nuthatches in my wife's hand this afternoon at Onuma. They're very tame (as you can see) and not scared by humans offering sunflower seeds. The Varied Tits are also bold enough to come to the hand but I haven't seen them around for a while. The Marsh Tits weren't as bold as last winter however and stayed their distance.

Lots of other birds in the forest today. 4 species Of Woodpecker, Long tailed and Willow Tits (the latter singing so I could ID them), Goldcrest and Treecreeper, Hawfinch and lots and lots of Redpoll. they were everywhere. At least 3 large flocks of 50 or more in each flock. Here's a male Greyheaded Woodpecker. You can imagine how I cursed those stupid twigs and branches.

Redpolls and Asian Rosy Finches both seem very common this winter but they're proving difficult to get a good picture of. These heavily cropped pics were the best I could manage of the many Common Redpolls all over today.

Also around were Jay, a couple of White Tailed Eagles and the Whooper Swans.

Sapporo, the major city in Hokkaido, has a huge internatiobally famous ice festival this month with lavish and intricate ice sculptures tens of thousnads of tourists come to gawp at. Not to be outdone, Onuma has its' own ice festival too. They were getting ready for it this afternoon and we sneaked a quick look. The more interesting ones hadn't been finished yet but there lots of ones like this designed to appeal to the 5 year old kid that inhabits the body of every Japanese adult.

Not so exciting so I rescued it in photoshop.

Despite the recent freezing weather there were a few patches of water on the icy surface of the lake. I'm assuming it's because of the increase in daylight hours (?). I walked out on the ice and my foot went through the crust and icy water slopped over the top of my boot..........

Still looks frozen in this photo though.

I'm starting to get a few comments and e-mails about this blog. Thanks for everyone who has taken the time to comment. It's appreciated.

Except that weirdo last year (they forced me to switch 'enable comment moderation' on for a while) who hasn't been back thank god.


  1. Thanks for taking Megumi for some great birding in Hokkaido - did she mention she's an Arsenal supporter?! And as of today they're back at the top of the Premiership one more...Not so exciting birds in North London, though a Goldcrest was a first recently in the garden. And a large flock of Fieldfare in a meadow was a highlight at Lea Valley last weekend.

  2. Hi Tony, yes I know she supports Arsenal. don't worry they'll bottle it I'm sure soon enough........I hope.

    Lots of Goldcrest here too, surprising how many birds are the same despite the huge distance......

    It's nice to show people some of the birds I see round here. Any time!


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