27 February 2008


A pretty cold day again saw us at Onuma for the first time in a while. I was hoping to see Stellers Sea Eagle perched on the ice on the edge of the melting areas trying to scavenge fish. Unfortunately the lake was still frozen (unlike last year at this time) so I had to make do with a drake Goldeneye and the usual Nuthatches & friends.

I think I have Nuthatch shots more or less nailed.

Mind you they're so tame I have no excuses for not getting good shots.

The Goldeneye was displaying to the Mallards, Tufted Ducks and Whooper Swans.

There were a few other Goldeneye about, a lone Coot, a couple of Smew, a female Black Woodpecker, several Jay, a Goshawk, some Long Tailed Rosefinch, my first Bullfinch of the year and 5 White tailed Eagle of various ages. Here's a first winter one near Hakodate when the sky was clear earlier in the morning. Best pic of a very average bunch.

Onuma was very wintry, if overcast. Here's a random selection of wintry shots. My wife takes much better shots of this type of thing so please check her blog(s) out, links on the right.

Mt Komagadake was covered in cloud and it was too cold to hang around on the off chance the cloud would lift.

The usual common birds included Marsh and Varied Tits.

So I finally got my re-entry permit and 4 weeks tomorrow I'll be heading back to Lancashire for a long overdue visit.......


  1. At Singapore airport and being harassed by a meddlesome ratbag to get off the free internet. See you in 4 days. Can you put the name of the Yaki Nikku place near you up here for me? Ta. I have talked you up to Fiona, so she is expecting some kind of cross between David Attenbrough and Steve Irwin. Good luck living up to that one.

  2. It's called 'Coo' and it's in Shiratori-cho.

    Of course I have the natural authority of an Attenborough combined with the earthy charms of a Steve Irwin........so she won't be disappointed I'm sure.

  3. Great shots. I especially like the first Nuthatch shot and the Sea Eagle.
    Is this the same Nuthatch species as in Europe, maybe just with a different color?

  4. Hi Markus, yes it's the same bird, just a different subspecies......


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