26 February 2008

Full circle.......

It's all come full circle. Last March a Night Heron standing close by to the river inspired me to purchase my DSLR and the same (?) bird was standing in almost exactly the same place yesterday. It looked pretty cold. I took a lot of shots at various settings (I had the time) on my smaller 70-300 lens. I cropped some, left some in their original sizes. They all look pretty much the same though.

It flapped over to some cover after a few moments. The Long tailed Tits were still around and although the AF on the 70-300 isn't as good as the 100-400 I could still get some ok shots. The second one isn't even cropped.

Also around were lots of the common stuff including several Brambling.

I took the big lens out with me today but the weather was wretched. Sleet turning into heavyish rain and very very poor light. The Night Heron wasn't around but the Crossbills were.

There were a few interesting things round and about. Kingfisher, Long Tailed Rosefinch, lots of Hawfinch and more Redpoll. Shame about the lighting though...

Hope the weather improves soon. Another visit to immigration tommorrow (they said the would be open so they better had be) and hopefully on to Onuma...........if it stops raining/snowing/sleeting.

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  1. 'Some ok pictures' ???
    Pictures are great! Thank you for sharing them, I'm learning slowly about birds, and these are perfect!
    Greetings from Peru!


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