8 February 2008

Man about town

The Kingfisher returned today, here's a pic of it staring back at me. No car for a while so I've been beating the streets of Hakodate with the smaller 70-300 lens. The river is partially frozen and the Kingfisher appears to have relocated downstream close to another bird from early winter that I hadn't seen for a while.

The adult Thayers Gull, still present and still being bullied by the larger Slaty Backed and Herring (Vega) Gulls. It looked better against a blue sky. Today's weather was almost springlike (but still freezing) and the Spot Billed Ducks were displaying on the river (when they weren't slipping around on the ice).

I was hoping for some Waxwings against the blue sky but had no such luck. Here's a Dusky Thrush and Black Kite instead.

Not much else around the last couple of days. Varied Tit and Rustic Bunting were the most interesting. Struggling a bit for anything to say today or for any pictures. Here's a crappy one from my balcony.

So the 39th Premier League game will be played abroad then? The death of football as I knew it continues........the age of the Franchise looms. Hope I'm wrong. One thing I know though. Liverpool will never ever play at Chiyogodai stadium in Hakodate.


  1. Hi, do you know any place or bar can see Premier League game in Sapporo or Otaru?
    I am going to Otaru from tomorrow and my husband is dyeing to see ManU game on 10th.
    I check up the hotel we will stay they say no satellite channel, NOOOOOOOO!!!

  2. I don't know much about Sapporo/Otaru...Sapporo has some sports bars I think but I haven't been for ages.

    Some games are on NHK BS1 (not live but 1 hour behind) which your hotel may have........

  3. I checked BS1, it shows the ManU game on 13th.
    We can watch it in Osaka.


    Your football info help me a lot.


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