31 January 2008

A crapping Eagle

Yesterday we showed a reader of this blog (Megumi) a few of the places we usually go. Yakumo and Onuma and some stops in between. It was a pretty good day for birds if not for bird pictures. Both species of Eagle were present and afforded good views through the scope at least. Not much flying around though and I had to be content with this individual snapped out of the car window. As you can see it was snowing which didn't really help much.

We did get a very good view of a Crested Kingfisher flying yards in front of us as well as the usual common winter species of the area at the river mouth. Glaucous Gulls, Whooper Swans etc as well as a Long Billed Plover and a Great White Egret. Tis picture was at the river mouth from the bridge on Route 5.

There are probably some funny captions you could make for this picture. 'How not to behave on a first Eagle date' perhaps. If I was Gary Larson I'm sure I could think of something much better.

Driving back to Hakodate I noticed some Japanese Waxwings and managed some record shots before they flew off.

It was a productive stop as there were also some Brambling and Redpoll feeding in the same trees.

Nearby I also saw a couple of Daurain Jackdaw mixed in with the crow flocks but again they flew off before I could even take the lens cap off. We started and finished ths day in Onuma.

A male Smew was the most interesting bird. We showed Megumi the tame Nuthatches which came to the hand to be fed. I'm still searching for that perfect Nuthatch shot.

If the Nuthatches are always reliable, the mountain is even more so.

No Waxwings yet in Hakodate but this winter's influx of Redpolls continued. This was part of a group near my flat the other day.

Today there were 2 Night Herons, a single Peregrine, 2 Daurian Redstart as well as flocks of Dusky Thrush and Grey Starling.

Liverpool lost again last night. I taped it but couldn't be bothered watching it this morning so I checked the score on the internet. Thank god I didn't watch it. A penalty in the last minute..........just watch them draw against Sunderland at the weekend. Tha fans are blaming the owners but why is nobody questioning the purchases of Benitez? Kuyt and Voronin in particular are just not up to it and Kewell (who was already there when Benitez arrived) should have been moved on a long long time ago..........and a lot of the OK players he bought are just that. OK. Useful squad members perhaps.

How many Liverpool players would the top 3 actually want? Torres, Gerard perhaps. Carragher as defensive cover maybe. Reina is pretty good I suppose. Alonso (when fit) and Mascherano..........Babel as a future prospect I guess. Not many anyway......


  1. Do you sometimes see Golden Eagles in the area, too ? As far as I know, the Golden Eagle is a rare breeding species in Japan.

  2. Hi Markus. I think there are a few Golden Eagles in central Hokkaido (I may have seen one a couple of years ago but I'm not sure) but none down where I live.............

  3. Hi Stuart
    Tony will be very excited to read your blog of 31/Jan. It was my best bird watching experience ever. I did not expect to see so many varieties of birds in one day ranging from big birds of prey such as Steller Sea Eagles to sweet little ones like bramblings & waxwings. Also I was very lucky to be able to see the Crowned Kingfisher. A Big Thank you and your lovely wife!!!!


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