20 January 2008

Winter continues

The cold winter continues here in southern Hokkaido. Over the last few days I've been to Onuma, Menagawa and Kamiso, all pretty near Hakodate. Friday had the best weather and ths usual common species were at Onuma.

There were also Redpoll, the usual Woodpeckers and several Jay........

The mountain looked great against a blue sky with the frozen lake in the foreground.

Over at Kamiso I got 1 local tick. 2 Mute Swan were in the fishing harbour. They are a feral species in Japan but a tick is a tick. Also around were several Yellow Throated Bunting, 2 Common Buzzard mewing to each other in a duet, 2 Great White Egret, the usual Ducks and grebes on the sea, an adult White tailed Eagle, a female Merlin and this Brown Dipper.

Today we went east to Menagawa and it was cold. We actually found a new spot neither of us had been to before. Instead of going through a long tunnel we took a side road, parked the car and walked round the coast. There were cliffs and a quarry that would make a great set for a low budget BBC post appocalyptic TV drama. There was 1 adult Stellers Sea Eagle,1 White tailed Eagle and lots of Rustic Buntings as well as various Ducks offshore including several groups of Harlequin Duck.

There were also some pretty cool icicles.

This is a female Blue Rock Thrush, lots of these on the coast.

Whilst I take photos of birds my wife prefers to take pictures of clouds. Here's one of hers from today. Like I said it was cold.

Cold and dark. I could get pretty close to these Brent Goose but shutter speeds were so low most of the shots were pretty crappy.

And to finish off here's a very cold looking Glaucous Winged Gull.

The footie was pretty dull last night. I know it's PC to drool over Arsenal but I find them so sterile to watch. Chelsea are as boring as Liverpool. Whilst I'm dutibound to watch Liverpool I have no such obligation to Chelsea thank god. Mau Utd. Pah. Good but annoying.

Can't believe the Keegan thing........are Newcastle insane?

Can I be arsed to stay up and watch tonight's game? Man City v West Ham. Probably not.............but I may change my mind.

Still no Waxwings in Hakodate, hopefully that'll change in the next few days.

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  1. Great pix again. Will finally have a chance to check out some of your haunts inc. Onuma this weekend when i head over there for weekend of learning to snowkite. Doubt i'll see any of the birds though - except maybe in my field guide. Chris Webb said you'll be around on Saturday night? Be good to meet you finally. I should also have some time to humiliate myself with my YOC level birding if you are around ? Julian (Niseko)


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