8 September 2018

Blackouts, quakes, typhoons and thunderstorms.

A Crested Kingfisher near Hakodate earlier in the week.

There was a crazy 24 hour period midweek, First a typhoon passed over Hakodate (it woke me up at 2am). The next day saw the mother of all thunderstorms in the afternoon and at 3am the next night I was woken again by a rather large scary earthquake that knocked out electricity over the whole of Hokkaido.

We were pretty lucky. No damage or danger near Hakodate and our apartment strangely got its power back a long time before most of the rest of town (we were only without electricity for about 16 hours). The fatal landslides were actually in the same town that I took all those wader shots last week..............

No car this weekend and more rain forecast. Hope there are no more disasters at least.


  1. "Hope there are no more disasters..." - absolutely.
    Sorry to hear the landslides are in an area so familiar to you, and by extension, to us (your readers) too.

    1. Japan does seem to have had rather a lot of disasters this summer: this was the only one that was too close to where we live for comfort.


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